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The Cube and the Cathedral

Going through what i consider a light read; the Cube and Cathedral by George Weigel. Bought it from Building 19 because it was for $1 (down from $23) with a further 50% discount! I found the author speaking to some thoughts I’m currently reflecting on.

On the “Slavic View of History” p29-30
The common thread running through these disparate thinkers is the conviction that the deepest currents in history are spiritual and cultural, rather than the political and economic… History is driven, over the long haul, by culture; by what men and women honor, cherish and worship; by what societies deem to be true and good and noble; by the expressions they give to those convictions in language, literature, and the arts; by what individuals and societies are willing to stake their lives on.

Then again on p41.
… And because the heat of culture is cult; what men and women cherish, honor and worship, a theological informed analysis of history may shed more light on what imagines itself to be the “real world” that other forms of analysis that imagine themselves more “realistic.”

[bias towards idealism and perpetual peace] p46
According to de Lubac… History was not a stage on which human puppets were manipulated by gods and  goddesses pulling the strings, so to speak. History was an arena of responsiblity and purpose because history was the medium which the one true God made himself known to his people and empowered them to lead lives of diginity, through the intelligence and free will with which he had endowed them in creation.

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