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Durant and Radwian Cycle

I was reading Will Durant’s chapter on Voltaire. He said:

“When a rising class is inconvenienced by existing law or custom, it appeals from custom to reason and from law to nature – just as conflicting desires in the individual sparkle into thought.” SoP p154

I believe this to be true, and it reminded me of what I tried to articulate in the Radwian Cycle, albeit not as eloquently:

Since this is a cycle, there is no actual beginning to start with, so let’s arbitrarily start with “Past perception/mind”. What this means is that the criteria based on which Truth is determined were developed by previous generations. This occurs within a culture of “Traditionalism” (red cycle). However, if people start to become frustrated with the staleness of tradition, they may reach a threshold in which they decide to become themselves the Arbitrator, for after-all, within them are the faculties  that were present in the previous generations. This occurs in a culture of “Modernity”.

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