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The Artifact of Logic

The beginning of man’s awareness is that of his Painful Want.

Painful Want is the first Fact and the only fundamental perception of man. Painful Want is not merely that which we feel with our skin, but reflects an unsettling inconvenience. Confronted with such disturbing inconvenience, man creates a world to dwell within in order to attain what he Wants and reduce that Pain. To create this world, man asserts his Being. When asserting your Being, you Are, or you Art. Art-ing, or Being, is the initial artifact (fact of Being) by which all other are made possible. Man is, bes and arts by virtue of the Painful Want which he seeks to escape. Man’s Being is the initial artifact. Thus revisiting Descartes famous statement, “I think therefore I am,” one must proceed it with a more fundamental one; “I am therefore I painfully want.

Painful Want

Painful Want

The next artifact man creates to ease the Pain of Want is happiness. Happiness is an artifact because there are only, for fact, grades of Painful Want. To speak of happiness is akin to speaking of ‘cold,’ when there are only grades of ‘heat.’ To suggest happiness is to suggest ‘darkness’ when there is only light or lack thereof. Painful Want is the only fundamental perception of man, but in his Painful Want to reduce his Painful Want he creates happiness.

Happiness is the second artifact of man, and it is by virtue of his be-ing (art-ness), that he produces such Art. Painful Want is the only fundamental perception of man, the only Fact, and happiness is an artifact. Thus, at this critical moment of awareness; this Big-Bang of awareness so to speak, Painful Want gives rise to the Art of Being which is followed by the artifact of happiness.

The purpose of Art is to reduce the Painful Want prior to Being, for it builds a world in which man may dwell, and by dwelling, man is distracted from the Painful Want. Instead of their being only grades of Painful Want, man artistically set against it an opponent. Thus with the creation of happiness came opposition and contrast, for man now, not only had the Fact of Painful Want, but it’s opposite; the artifact of Happiness. Opposition became man’s next artifact.

Man has now created a world in which he dwells; a world of not only Painful Want, but happiness; a world not only of things, but their opposites as well. However, Opposition gave rise to more artifacts; for when asserting Art, and resorted to Art to reduce Painful Want, man saw in Opposition an infinite world of artifacts.

Painful Want is the first fact of man, in it he sees himself, prior to Being. Happiness is an artifact in which man sees his aspired Being. Both Pain and Happiness reflect the same man (the fact and the artifact), but when held in opposition they give rise to an infinite world of artifacts, rooted in the fact of Painful Want, as is the case when two mirrors are held in front of each other. Thus man, to escape Painful Want created for himself a system that gave rise to an infinite world of Art and Facts.

Man marveled and dwelled in Opposition and saw it in room for another artifact, for when opposites oppose each other, a space is created, and the most Artful act man could think of is to find the centermost locus in this space. So man dwells in his Art, and as he dwelled in the artifact of opposition, he sought to find its centermost locus. The pursuit of the mean between the opposites becomes a work of art that fulfills man’s desire to reduce the Pain prior to Being, the Pain of Want.

Thus opposition gave rise to another artifact; the mean, from which rose the art and fact of symmetry. Symmetry is the result of creating happiness to oppose pain; and the Art of symmetry became an extension to man’s Being.

The Art of Being

The Art of Being

Perhaps most profound in man’s art is the artifact of equality, where not only did he find it artistic to divide and divide, but to do so with equality. Though he saw his hand divide into fingers of ‘unequal’ sizes; in his mind, he made division between the each finger equal. For man, not only counted, but did so artfully, in equal increments.

Equality allowed man to proceed with his art of happiness to cope with Painful Want. Equality is an artifact, it is a result of man’s Art-ing. However, not only was it a product of dividing between two opposites, but it also allowed man to re-collect that which he had divided. Furthermore, by creating happiness man had created a world of infinite artifacts, so not only did equality allow man to re-collect that which he had divided, but allowed him to gather that which had never before been one.  For man was now able to see equality between the infinite observations he saw in the night sky, and that equality was “star.” He saw equality between himself and the Other, and that equality was “man.” He, artistically dwelled in the equality between that which reduces the pain of his belly and that equality was “food.” Category became man’s next artifact.

And from the artifacts of equality and categories, he developed the Artifact of Logic.

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