Live from Cairoston

New Muslim Cool

Yesterday night I watched “New Muslim Cool” at Harvard. It tells the story of Hamza Perez. Part of the movie, and Hamza’s life was here in Worcester. I must say that living in Worcester I’ve always found it rather dull… all the fun seemed to be going on in Boston (the very name of this blog reflects my state of denial!). But as I drove home last night… I actually felt that “New Muslim Cool” added some coolness into being a Worcesterite. I once researched the history of Islam in Worcester, from the Turks that immigrated at the turn of the 20th century, to the Nation of Islam, to the Arab and Desi wave during the eighties, and the Somalis and Albanians thereafter… Worcester has been [a transient] home for several waves of Muslims, most of them immigrating to the US to transform their lives. Hamza represents a new page in the history of Islam in Worcester, the page of Latino-Americans who immigrated to Islam so that there lives may be transformed.
During the Q/A, someone asked Hamza how he would respond to these three questions: Who am I, who is my lord, and what is my purpose in life?
At this stage in my development, I would perhaps respond: I am a soul figuring out who it is, my Lord is the Beyond, and the purpose of my life is to fall in love with the Beyond as I pursue the answer to the first question.

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