Live from Cairoston

coffeeshopWhen we both sit across the same table, with a menu between us, the menu is before us both. The menu is seen by us both as it is on both of our scenes. While the waiter may be behind you, he is before me. Thus part of what is still after you is already before me. My scene includes part of your unseen. Similarly, there will be things after me which I have not experienced, they are not seen by me, but nevertheless, they are before you and part of your experience’s scene.

Beforeness is relative to the subject perceiving it. What is after you may already be before me. What is unseen to you may be seen by me. Your future may already be my past. That does not mean that I know if what is after you will ever become before you, rather, your after may be my before.

The text you have just read is before you, but at the same time, it may still be after someone else. Your past is someone else’s future. Your future has already passed someone else.

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