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To request of something to be in two opposite states at the same time is a logical paradox; it is to demand being and not-being at the same time. Thus in the face of such a paradox Shakespeare’s immortal utterance emerges; “To be or not to be. That is the question.” However, the resolution of that paradox is to absurdly be and to not be.

fear and tremblingThus Abraham was faced with a logical paradox; to be (faithful to God) and not to be (a murderer). We are not able to logically reconcile the murder of an innocent soul with piety and obeying God. Yet this was the paradox Abraham was faced with. Absurdly, he chose to be and not to be!

Russell’s Barber is also faced with a paradox; to be (shaven) and not to be (shaven). We are not able to logically reconcile him shaving himself and not shaving himself. Yet this is the paradox the Barber is faced with. Absurdly, he must choose to be and not to be!

Upon Abraham’s absurd decision, the absurd happens but once again, and Lo and Behold, the same thing can be something and its opposite at the same time. Abraham does indeed willfully kill his son, but before the resolved will materialized, God ransoms the son. Thus Abraham successful was (faithful to God) and was not (a murderer)!

To save Russell’s Barber from his confusion, he must absurdly proceed with shaving. If he does so… if he fearfully trembles and struggles through such defiance of the Law in order to absurdly obey the Law, then the absurd will happen for a second time. As the razor approaches his face… as the resolved will materializes, Lo and Behold, every follicle of hair that ought to have been shaven will fall on its own, the way trees shed their leaves during the Fall! Thus the Barber will successfully be (shaven) and not be (shaven)!

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