Live from Cairoston

There were times I wanted to meet you,
To seek your guidance,
But you were never there.
So I journeyed on, alone,
Learning from the slaps and blows of life.
Not to say that there were not times,
When life was kind.

Now after many years we finally meet,
And we sit together as I once hoped.
With tea and biscuts and a warm sun,
And pigoens courting around.

wakwa coucou ... wakwa coucou

A nice breeze,
And a singer on the sidewalk,
And people to the left and right,
Absorbed in their chatter.

But I no longer need to ask you,
There is nothing you can say,
That could be of help.
Something happened during those years
Of abandonment, and loneliness.
I grew up.

There is nothing left to ask,
Not because I know everything,
But because I have learned,
That there are no answers.
So forgive my silence,
And forgive these flowing tears.
And allow me to sit next to you,
And enjoy your good company,

Let us drink our tea,
And ask, "How do you do?"
And let us reply,
With "Fine thank you."

Do you see the people around us?
Let us be like them,
Discussing important issues,
That are meaningless but to them.
I could be a pigeon and rock my head,
And you could act shy and run away.
Why, I could bring a guitar,
And strum a chord and sing,
And you could clap your hands,
And sway your head with me.

Wakwa coucou ... wakwa coucou
Let us be like other people
Alas! But we never could!

They taught us that knowledge is light.
But they never warned us,
That it could be too bright.
Once burned by milk, you blow on cold water.
So let us stay in the shade and chat.

How do you do my lady?
Very well thank you!
Lovely dress my lady!
Oh! How how kind of you!

But then what do we do,
When the sun moves about,
And chases us with its light?
Come with me, let us shift our chairs,
To the right, then once again,
Until the sun tires and goes away.
And when the night arrives,
Let us do like other people.

Lay your body next to mine.
Close your eyes and fake a dream.
Hide the storm of thoughts that rage,
Conceal the oceans of worries that tumble.
Have we any comfort left in this world,
But the suspension of our sleep?

Alas! The sun comes again and ends our rest.
Let us get up once more,
and be like other people.
Let us walk to the square where people meet,
Sit down in the shade of a tree
Nibble your buscuit and I'll drink my tea.

How do you do my lady??!!
Very well thank you!!
Lovely dress my lady!!!
Oh! How kind of you!!

Wakwa coucou ... wakwa coucou 
Wakwa coucou ... wakwa coucou

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