Live from Cairoston


We have become accustomed to the ability to change channels, clothes, and courses that we do not like. We have the power to alter much of our surroundings as we please. A sense of control has become so well embedded in our psyche, that we occasionally sit in bewilderment, at our inability to change this fantasy we live in. Is there no ‘reset’ button for this world? No button to lower its volume, or to change it all together? Under the changeable facade, we endure the burden of the unchangeable context; existing in this world.
Will this realization then lead us to accept other changeables? Will we realize the non-sense of changing the text within an unchangeable context? Change the terms as you may, the contract is one. We have learned how to change things we do not fancy, and now have to learn how to accept this fantasy. We idolize revolution, and we have revolved all around and have reached to the starting point once again. Choose now, another round, or settle?

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