Live from Cairoston

Seed number One

The rules have changed my friend,
Yet once again.
But all is the same,
Since nothing escapes change.
Except for the One.

When young we were taught,
How the world should be.
Then we grew up,
And you taught us,
How the world indeed is.
Confused and disoriented,
We unlearned the tales of naivety
And lowered our heads,
So that you may ink our blank slates,
With your pen.

But the unexpected happened,
And we continued to grow.
And we learned how to take your words
Out of context,
And embed them in our own.

Behold! This is how a generation
seeds the “is” so that it may become!

This is how Christ blew life
Into a dead soul, on behalf of the One!

Behold! Nativity!

Tell me…
When scribbling on our slates,
Did you not know who pushed your hand?
That teaching with the Pen
Is the affair of the One?

Then accept the first seed:
That is lesson number One.

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