Live from Cairoston

R… evolution” is a poem that incorporates metaphors from molecular biology and interweaves it with the success of the Egyptian revolution. It is preferably read after “Silent Jeanne” which uses metaphors from gene expression to interweave oppression, persecution and protest.


R … evolution

Silent no more! Silent no more!
This message shall be translated,
For all the word to see and hear.
My logos incarnated in the flesh of man,
To reach the stars, and breathe life in the sands.
Sculpting doves out of clay,
And raising a dead people from their graves.
Silent no more … Silent no more.

Lonely transcript is born,
Ejected from home,
Caught between the bosoms of a ribosome,
Who insists that it must be weaned,
Before a drop of milk,
Could ever be gleaned.

It senses the cliff it needs to jump,
And feels the leap it has to make.
To be or not to be,
To speak now or forever hold its pain.
It calculates the risk,
And fudges the numbers to justify its deed.
It closes its eyes,
And rushes through the barricades.
Under batons, tear gas and Molotov bombs,
It pushes forward, it bleeds and cries.
I shall be, I shall be, and here I am!
Here I am!

It is quiet now, and how warm it has become.
Dancing and curling lightly,
Like a dervish swirling, transcending,
“I must have died, this must be heaven.”
Disappointed at the detour it sighs in grief,
Only to hear the thunderous crowd chant as one:

“The people demand,
That the president leave,
So that we may stand!
So that we may Be”

This cannot be Elysium,
This can only be Liberation Square!
And I am now a catalyst!

I found my voice in Tahrir,
Where the circle was squared,
And nativity finally declared,
“Free at last! Free at last!”
“Thank God Almighty, we are Free at last!”

So teacher and preacher sit down and learn,
This revolution is our… evolution,
Behold the R,
As in “We Are”
And “I am”
So “Be!
Thus I willed and here I am!
This is the story of our-evolution

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