Live from Cairoston

Thinking outside of the box for a blog-post. Instead of organisms producing organisms, imagine if aside of that mechanism, organisms can also emerge de novo without a precursor organism. One can imagine a couple of scenarios where an organism can arise from a nucleating element, much the same way [plant] tissue culture works. The nucleating initiator (seed) could emerge by some hitherto unknown mechanism and  could comprise of the instructions for the rest of the organism to unfold. Another scenario would be that the organism be built with all its detail out of in/organic material and then “puff!” all the carbons, nitrogens etc. coalesce, unite and separate to reorganize and align in a functional manner.  As an inquisitive-being, the first question I would ask myself is “how can I reproduce this puff! in the laboratory?”. As a moral-being, I would ask myself “what are the consequences of such a narrative on my conduct?”

I guess a sexy avant garde narrative for the origin of life from Muslim perspective is that Adam was cultured out of a medium of clay, Eve was cultured from Adamic medium (if we accept the narrations), and they both had functional reproductive systems that would allow them to produce more of their kind. After we die and decompose, a nucleating element of our bodies remains as a seed for our future re-culturing and re-emergence (ajab alzanab). A question would be how the building blocks of organisms can organize themselves to form this initial nucleating material from which Adam was cultured. I think for a moment about a soup of human beings all gathered in an incubator called Tahrir Square. I wonder how people from such various backgrounds were able to organize themselves and divide labor and run a sovereign republic for more than two weeks. I then shift back to that primordial seed/nucleus and imagine each building block having its own psychology and consciousness, but sharing a purpose and a goal, and they are able to communicate together and coalesce and make it happen. Perhaps one would need to extend agency to atoms? That’s not difficult from a Muslim perspective (17:44).


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