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Is the Revolution being hijacked by Normalcy?
With most Egyptians backing the constitutional amendments, it is a reminder that for the majority, the revolution was a risk that luckily didn’t back-fire and normalcy is now desperately needed. Normalcy, however, means falling back into the pre-#Jan25 political configuration, which beyond Cairo seems to be hued with entrenched in NDP and MB alliances. The ultimate challenge for the revolutionary spirit in Egypt is to prove relevance at a sustainable level amongst the 70 Million that are *not* online. The danger, is that at the end of the day, when all of Egypt speaks, the revolution discovers that dismantling the Mubarak regime only made a dent in a larger pyramid, an Egyptian psyche well protected against sudden change and a cynicism that accepts as fate that the Nile flows and that Pharaoh (in one form or another) will rule.
The Revolution is at stake, not by a counter revolution, but by our deepest complexes and millennia of history. There is no way to effect a larger change without in-the-trenches, one-on-one, outreach and real conversation with rural Egyptians that are influenced not by ‘events’ and ‘tweets,’ but by harvest, custom and sincere appreciation.

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