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The results are out and 73% said ‘Yes’ for the amended constitution while 27% said ‘No.’ The huge surprise is the gap between the two numbers in what was projected to be a tight race. The secret lies, I think, in the influence of off-line Egyptians who voted, are pro-stability and were amused by #Jan25 but never fully invested. Remember, this was a Revolution 2.0 in an Egypt 0.5 where only half of the population can read. These results predict that the new Parliament and constitution committee will echo an Egypt still far below its revolutionary edition.  #Jan25 is at stake by its incompatibility with the  broader society, and the main task now is to reach out and get down with the barseem-roots community organizing and activism to work hard, hard, hard against being sucked into the whirpool of the Egyptian cynical status quo. We’re trying to move pyramids here … much of what is against us is ingrained deep in the our psyche and heritage and it will take years of sustained effort to budge.

The socio-political lines are being drawn; a cautious block tied to the predictable rhythms of Nile and Pharaoh, and a change-yearning out-shoot trying to bring a virtual reality into existence. The Muslim Brotherhood and NDP are rooted in the cautious block (by virtue of pre-Jan25 allegiances) and will learn to play with each other. The various groups behind #Jan25 will be the core force in the change-yearning current, and the pre-existing parties will probably continue to hop from one table to another.


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  1. […] Read also: The fate of Revolution 2.0 in Egypt 0.5 […]

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