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Comments on: "Democracy 2.0 after #Jan25" (2)

  1. I think it is an Utopic theory that will turn into Dystopia in practice. Firstly, there will be new strategies to manipulate this system. People (esp. who has some network, money and prestige) will start to bribe ppl to vote for them as the most trustworthy. They will make underground promises. Or maybe Old tribal families will nominate one person among them, and the whole tribe will vote for him. They will probably compete with other tribes. Uneducated and old women will follow their patriarchal suggestions rather than nominating whom they trust the most. Secondly, the most trustworthy person in a society is not necessarily the best leader. Let’s say I have been chosen the most trustworthy:) I have no experience or quality to lead a country. I will not make a perfect leader.Being trustworty is an essential quality of a leader, but not the only one, right? Besides, what is trust anyway? Young people will nominate their boy/girl friends, whom they will probably break up in a short while, yet currently blinded by love. I may trust my friend enough to nominate her/him now, but then he/she may betray my trust all of a sudden to my shock. Besides, I trust my dad for different reasons than I trust my mom. There are different kinds of trusts. Right?
    To conclude, I think it will be way too arbitrary, and thereby risky to hand over a future of a country to whom is elected this way.
    By the way, to come up as the first webpage in google, you need to pay for it:))

    • Thanks for your comments.
      Generally speaking, we don’t claim any Utopic agendas and any system has its advantages and disadvantages. We do claim however that this is, at least, as dependent a system as current elections. Moreover, the main advantage of this system is that it echos today’s 2.0 culture.
      It is expected that influential people will rank relativly high in this system. However the same will apply to trustworthy people who are out of the lime-light. Importantly, those who rank high in this system do not become executive leaders. Rather they are representatives and key consultants as to “who should be assigned as executive leaders.”
      Finally, only “sponsored” websites are ones that pay to get on the first search result using Google. Otherwise, its depends on the PageRank algorithm.

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