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Ramadan Warmup

SN replied, “Sorry, we would like to wait the moon first, flowing the the hadith is better for us and every one. Thanks”

To which HK replied,
Dear SN,
Wake up and look around you, it is the 21st century: era of technology and science. If our prophet had this technology, he would using it without any hesitation.
please, next time keep such opinions for yourself.
SN responds:
Do not forget that all these technology is from Allah if you forgot that, it’s ok. Also don’t forget that what profit Mohamed SAAS did people just find out.
And if you don’t know I will tell you that waiting the moon and looking for it it’s ebadah.
Also it’s good enough that we have some people know that technology, is this only way to use the technology?
Allah bless you
ISW peaks in, “inna lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’oun….”
AW tries to calm things down,


It is okay for us to have differing opinions as long as we remember peace and unity among us is the most important. Sometimes peace is better than proving oneself right.
All Praise be to Allah,
BH sends a long email I’m not bothering to include.
ISW peaks in again, this time for a longer time,


I’m very confused and concern.
and before to help you, let me know WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH YOUR WORDS: (((((((( If our prophet had this technology, he would using it without any hesitation.)))))))))?
SN:, “Alsalam Alykum, What about blocking the Masgid from other Muslim to have Islamic discsion?”
AZ protests,
leaders and ladies and gentelmens,
why am I getting emails about your dispute? if someone have a problem with other to discuss it directly between each other via email or what ever you want BUT DIRECTLY, YOU DO NOT NEED TO CLICK ON REPLY ALL, JUST REPLY IS ENOUGH.
I hope you use your mind if you have one and do not share your dispute with everyone, just share it with the ones interested. I AM NOT.

AM weighs in.

Salam Alaikoum,

I second the brother below, this debate is not going away, it should be kept within the interested group debating the subject.

Our Beloved Imam had informed the Group of this year  decision and the reasoning behind it and for that we are thankful to him . I ask Allah to make it a Successful Ramadan for EVERYBODY Amen.

With regards,

ABAS takes the time,


While I used to be for the visual observation of the moon, sticking to one of the meanings of the hadeeth “fast when you see it and break fast when you see it”, I am reminded by many that for our daily prayers we follow calculation distributed for every day for the whole year!  We do not follow direct observation of the sun movement and shadow length; which determine the timing of our daily prayers by many of the ahadeeth.  When we are indoor we check the clock, the watch, the time on any electronic devise to announce the time of Azan, etc., we do not walk out to see the length of the shadow for Zuhr or Asr or observe the sun set and twilight for Maghrib and Isha or ability to discriminate between “white and black threads” and sun set for the Fajr period.  All these are calculated for the whole year and are welcomed by everybody everywhere as they helped make our prayers more regular and organized.
Please focus on guiding the community to the virtue of fasting and all the good deeds during Ramadan.
One of the most important good deed is to avoid arguments and enter Ramadan with a peace of mind focused on its virtues.
If you distribute bulk email, let it be of the nature that bring people together.
If you want to initiate a discussion or an argument, let be limited to those who have the argument.
Anybody can send his view to the public, however, should not belittle the other view.
Any advise to a specific respondent to the email, perhaps should be limited to this person only; etc.
Both opinions regarding the start of Ramadan and Eidul fitr have a strong Fiqh base.
It is more important that each locality comes together to one way to determine Ramadan and Eid as these Ibadat has a social impact and that the average Muslim place this responsibilities on the shoulder of the leaders who should not lead them to arguments and spoil the spirit of the month.
May Allah reward you all.
Enter ML:
To my brothers in islam,
Would the Prophet (pbuh) argue like this with his community ?  Would he divide his community like this for any reason, let alone something that was not really a matter of life and death or justice?
May I, a woman, remind you of his example, his flexibility, his message? He was only a warner. What are you?
And may I ask:  Why is your message more important than his?
I can see that each of you wants to be right–alas, this is your struggle cloaked by a divisive issue, but self- righteous indignation.
Let each other be.
Be balanced.
You’re free to practice as you wish.
That is the gift of our Prophet, pbuh.
Allah whoo akbar.
You are not perfect, brothers, but our religion is.
 in peace,
1st.  Why r u trying to replace the Sunnah of sighting the moon to please the people.  R we that weak?  Why can’t Eid b 3 or 5 day that way local Mosque/people can practice what they feel is corrects.2nd  In all of our text book we teach our children to look for the sighting of the moon for the beggining of Ramadan we don’t tell them to check the Calendar or go to WWW.astrology.com3rd I don’t recall voting on you guys being incharge
Of  our community.
Sunnah will unite us!
M objects:


To everyone involved in this discuss:
I kindly request that you start another email thread with specific members to whom you are addressing your emails instead of sending your emails to the entire listserv. In addition, instead of selecting the Reply All button when drafting your email, you can select the Reply button which sends one email to the one person whose email you are addressing. You are otherwise spamming the entire listserv and it is quite bothersome. Thank you.
FMS: I agree with the bothersome and spam  comment
This is kind of ridiculous guys, kind of why the arab world keeps going backward, just argue amongst yourselves and leave us out.

Take it easy, and try to be cool, don’t complicate things.
peace out
JV: Please Remove
NM :I would really appreciate if I would be removed from your mailinglist. Thank you.
NK: Please remove me from this list. Thank You
BS: please remove me from the list, thank you
AK: Please remove me from this list
Dear All,
Probably It’s my first time to send an e-mail through this list and I really got annoyed by all these USELESS arguments that bothered all of us. As a consequence of what happened, I found this morning many e-mails asking to be removed from the list. But I wanna remind you of the main reason why we all joined this list; is to be connected, help each other and create a stronger community.
I don’t like to destroy all the amazing efforts that many have done over the past years for that purpose because of a small group.
So I don’t like to be removed from the list BUT instead I would like to ask  the administrators to REMOVE this SMALL GROUP from the list, probably they can form a parallel list and solve their arguments together without bothering anyone.
Guys, Please stay connected and united, that’s how we all can achieve great things in Life.
With Respect to everyone,

SA: Please remove me from the list. Thanks

MAi: asalamu alikum, please remove me too from this list. thanks,

MJ: Please remove from this list. Thanks

EA: Are our emails actually being removed??  Does anyone know who is the moderator?

D: Of course they aren’t. Like me, You’re still getting the stupid things whether you want to or not. So utterly typical.
Initial email started off saying,

The Imam:

Alhamdulillah, in the last three years, our Muslim community in the greater Boston area has achieved commendable accomplishments regarding the determination of the start of Ramadan and Eid. These accomplishments were realized when the decision was taken to stop all dispute and diversions in making such an important determination and to move towards one of the most applicable Islamic opinion that will empower us to save our community from confusion and unhealthy dispute. This decision was to follow the opinion of the Fiqh Council in the USA in determining the start of Ramadan and Eid based on the astronomical calculations in the US. All of us should be happy with such an achievement and hard work.

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