Live from Cairoston

Waleed wrote:

In the dream I entered a gas station and saw a woman pumping gas. As she turned I saw her face and, startled, I shouted out her name in disbelief, Lara! Lara! The shock to see her alive, knowing that she died months ago from cancer, was enough to yank me out of my sleep. Then, no longer asleep, I recalled my recent reflection on death and decided to shout out … but I was not yet awake, and so I wrestled with my muscles and nerves to pronounce my proclamation: “Antumu As-saabiqoon!”. Then I woke up.

Here Waleed distinguishes between ‘not asleep’ and ‘awake’. He is therefore describing a tetrad with two axes. The upper-right corner and lower-left are for ‘awake’ and ‘not awake’ respectively. The lower-right and upper-left are for ‘asleep’ and ‘not asleep’ respectively. Thus the tetrad is made up of a state, its negation, its opposite then the negation of the opposite. These are four distinct states.
Now, Waleed while asleep was invested in the lower-right of the tetrad, then as he was startled by seeing an acquaintance he knew was dead, the shock was at the interface between ‘asleep’ and ‘not asleep’ and was enough to make him cross the threshold into the later. However, for a few moments, he hovered between the two states of ‘not asleep’ and ‘not awake’ and from that condition of tension he uttered his proclamation “You are the forerunners [and we are close on your heals]”, with its religious undertones pertaining to visiting graves and preparing for death. After that moment of tension, he crossed the threshold and was ‘awake’.

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