Live from Cairoston

X: You know, sometimes we make mistakes in life, but must learn how to live with them.
Y: That’s just bull-crap. It’s completely insulting to immortalize a decision you made as an eternal mistake that you need to live with and learn how to bear its burden. Rather, live each moment as if you were just born-into a context, just like you know you actually did. Your parents, siblings, and the whole package you’re born into is none of your mistake, but you accept it and then either grow with it, into it or out of it. Whatever happened, happened … so move on. If you snorted something in high-school and it fucked you up, there’s no reason to live believing that you made a mistake in the past and that you’re now coping with it, or worse, paying a price. Instead, forget what happened. If you felt bad when it happened, then there’s no reason to continue feeling bad. Accept that you were born right this moment and are a bit slow, and deal with it. If you think about it, there’s really no guarantee that you didn’t just pop-up right now with a certain set of pre-installed memories to make you fit in with a story.
X: So you’re basically doing away with the past all-together
Y: Exactly! There is no past. All there is is now and the consequences of your actions, based on your current ability to assess.
X: So you want me to stand up in front of the judge tomorrow and say, “Your Honor, I don’t know why I’m here, I was just born…
Y: No, No stop fooling around… You stand up in that court room believing that you were born into-a-courtroom with a congenital crime, and you deal with it. When you’re born with congenital heart disease you don’t say I didn’t do anything to deserve this, No, there’s nothing but hard-fuckin proof. This gene is mutated right here and this variation exists right there, so you get a failed heart. Case closed. Now deal with it. Every moment, you’re born-into-a-world with a set of memories and senses. Now start moving.
X: I dunno… that’s just totally out there… and it doesn’t really help me deal with tomorrow. If I could disown my actions just like that…. that’s just irresponsible.
Y: Ha! Irresponsible?? The response in responsibility is about accountability to come … it has nothing to do with the past.
X: Yes, but it’s being held accountable to actions I did in the past.
Y: No. To be responsible is to be held accountable for whatever is on your front lawn, whether you put it or it fell from the sky. It’s your plate and you respond to whatever’s on it.
X: So you mean to say that we should forget whatever happened in the past and start anew?
Y: No. I’m saying accept whatever cards you start with right now and deal with them.
X: Ok, now tell me this. If I walk in to that courtroom tomorrow and see my wife and kids, you want me to act as if I didn’t really marry her and didn’t see those three girls be born and grow, but that I myself am just born in this courtroom charged with conspiracy and that they are my family… and you want me to just … deal with it?
Y: Yes. I want you to look at your cards really well. I want you to look at the queen of hearts real well… I want you to know that she is your wife … tap into all those memories you were born with. Then I want you to look at your three girls and do the same. Accept what has been given to you. Understand the context, the ground … read the ground. You can’t change the fact that there were certain cards given to you, but you can have an attitude towards them. You can accept some and reject others, then you can play so that you keep what you want and get rid of what you don’t want. The objective of life is to hold on to the cards you want for as long as possible and get rid of the ones you don’t want whenever possible.
X: So this whole case is a card I’ve been given.
Y: And you don’t want it
X: Hell I don’t want it!
Y: So you’re going to play it away… and we’re gonna make that happen.
X: I see.
Y: So to recap… I don’t want you bitching about “I didn’t do it” or “I didn’t mean it that way” and all that crap. You weren’t even born back then for all we know. All we know is that you are sitting right here in front of me and that you have a case on your plate, so let’s deal with it.
X: I don’t have a good feeling about this, but … you’re the boss
Y: Yes, I’m the boss
(Y fiddles through papers … and X looks into his coffee)
X: So you never regret anything… because you don’t have a past to regret… right?
Y: I never think to myself, “Jeez, I regret doing that”. No. But there are times that I regret being handed a certain card. In that case, I do my best to play it away without loosing the other cards I want to hold onto.
X: hmm… I’ll be thinking about this…
Y: (Grins) Good. It’s still work in progress, so I could use as many guinea pigs as I could get my hands on. Now let me read.

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