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Yesterday, Rezwan Ferdaws of Ashland MA was arrested on terrorism charges. I know Rezwan from the local community.
Several cases in which US Muslims are arrested on terrorism charges involve law enforcement aiding the defendant in reaching the tipping point. For example, a radicalized young man would make contact with an undercover agent who would provide the fantasized weapons. Once the radical is in possession of the weapons he is arrested.
This facilitation, or the mere acknowledgment of intentions and apparent complacency on behalf of undercover agents or informants is sour. My initial position, from the perspective of a member of the Muslim community, was that this is a breach of Law Enforcement. Instead of enforcing the law, they are facilitating breaking the law. The Government, instead of providing crucial and needed help to Muslims stuck in a radical phase, pushes them over the edge.
Now, however, I realize that my position is changing, this time from the perspective of an observer of the Muslim community. To be a citizen, is to take the state as your civil god, and the constitution, and that which derivith from it, as the law. The civil god has permitted that its agents whisper evil thoughts to you, to encourage you to break the law, and may even facilitate it for you. It is all a test, to test your civil piety. If you fall and break the law you will be summoned against the civil god and you will not be able to claim that you were entrapped.
Read the Quran 6:148 with cevil eyes and you will find:

“Those who give allegiance to other than [the civil] god will say: ‘If the Government wished, we would not have given allegiance, or committed such crimes’ So did those before them argue falsely, until they tasted our wrath. Say: ‘Have you any [certain] knowledge? If so, produce it before us. You follow nothing but conjecture … you do nothing but lie!”

And do not try to complain to the judge about the agents, for the agents are the most fearful of the civil god!
Read the Quran 8:48 with cevil eyes and you will find:

“The agent [of wrong doing] made their crimes attractive to them, and said, “You cannot be defeated by anyone today” and “I will be by your side!”. Yet as soon as the two forces came face to face, he turned on his heals and fled saying, “I disown you! I see what you do not! I fear the civil god! the State is strict in punishment!”

From a Muslim perspective, entrapment has always been part of the game, yet it could never qualify as a defense. If the law says something is wrong and this thing is made attractive to you and you do it, you have violated the law, and god is strict in punishment. God not only enforces the law, but assigns agents to enforce it by proxy. God also allows agents to make breaking the law attractive. If you fall for it, you fall. If you do not want to fall, then be steadfast and uphold your civil piety.
Now this next paragraph will likely be an offense to both gods, the civil and the cultural. On which basis do you bring us into being and then test us to see if we deserve praise or retribution? The civil god may argue that if the law does not suit you then wander off to another State where it would. The cultural god has an all-encompassing jurisdiction and does not offer that way out. Furthermore, the allowance given by the civil god is devalued by its success in rendering all of the world under its jurisdiction and becoming a global god, Thus, as Uhmud in al-Rawda realizes, there is no place to escape. In that sense, out of desire to be all encompassing, both gods leave mortal citizens only one alternative. ish-sha3b yoorid isqaat elnizaam! 

In al-Rabwa (Part II – in progress), the civil and cultural gods realize that their status is in danger, and conceive an Ultimate collaboration leading to their fusion. But still … as long as there is no place to escape, there is suffocation … and as long as their is suffocation, there is a desire for liberation. This will be the topic of al-Radwa (Part III)

If such topics interest you, you may find my book worth reading.

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