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Could it be that language restricts our being….. Gives us a false impression that we can say anything and everything we want to, but fools us by the paradox of “possibility”. How do you know that something is possible unless it happens (i.e. it is necessary in a world) and how do you know you are missing out on something … without being able to imagine it? Could language be an invention that hijacked our lives? They say that a picture is worth a thousand words… There are more eloquent means of expression, of informing, or educating. What if language is a restriction?

والنفس توّاقة للجولان …. رغم ما يصيبها من دوار البحر وعثيان

How do we respond to this faulty invention that has monopolized our expression? Do we boycott it? Do we return to Silence and gestures, drawings and facial expressions? Do we maximize our silence? Or do we deflate language by expanding its repertoire so that it becomes everything and therefore nothing?

Do we seek revenge?

But why?

What has language done? It has rendered by inner-essence a detached voyeur, protected and served by the civil servants of the word. Do I light a match to my kingdom?

Or do I reclaim it?

Behold the feeble king as he reclaims his vigor and pulls in the reins of his dominion once again. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then movement and texture … action cannot be captured by volumes. To read a life-time worth of biographies about  someone is incomparable to hearing their voice and feeling their embrace. To read the teachings of a ancient sage is nothing like being in their presence and seeing them seeing you. Reality. Experienced Reality. For the king to reclaim his dominion, his vigor and his power, the words at his service must have the force of a blow, the tender of a caress and the life of Life. There must be not gap between the impact of the word and the cut of a kalimah.

آن للملك أن يترك القول ويعود للكلمة

The effect of written word must be enhanced to be similar to that of the spoken word. The effect of the spoken word must be enhanced to be similar to that of physical real-time contact and interaction. Face to face with the written words must be no different that face-to-face with the king himself.

But to be impactful, to be vigorous, to be forceful, to be seductive, to be a blade, a feather and the Ocean, the king must be grounded, confident, firm in belief and conviction and willing to dominate the world around him. The king must overflow and desire to fill every other form with his inner-essence. The king does not write to inquire. To inquire he roams around and observes… and he may read what other kings have written. The King only writes to conquer! To Conquer land, people, fate and death.


  1. I hope this gust will help me get rid of some stylistic modes that have dominated my writing. In Arabic, I have been sinking deeper and deeper into a mode of writing that employs creative puns and word-playing. In English it has been the confessional tone that has wrapped itself around my pen. In both languages, I’ve been voicing frustration and confusion. Rather than do away with language altogether and maintain silence, or gut the hell out of it and make it worthless, I want to couple a sense of definiteness in outlook with a rigor of expression. Robust writing. Beyond confusion there is a land of certitude, accessible only to the genuine feather… a place where the ashes of the cremated drift and settle. That is the place from which I could write definitively. I could write to invite, to lure and to dominate.
  2. I want to write so that the reader will experience laughter, grief, injury, orgasm, servitude, grandeur, death and resurrection.
  3. If language is an error-prone means of communication, then the worse usage must be speaking to oneself, or thinking and deliberating using language…. it only amplifies the error before vocalizing conclusions.

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