Live from Cairoston

two tricks so far in my tool-box for experiential/robust writing/reading.

The first is enrichment of phonemes that invoke a certain mood. For example, emphatic letters in Arabic for non-light, non-delightful, not easy, non-cheerful moods.  The second is luring the reader into a mood by virtue of a familiar experience, or one they could relate to, then shocking them by its opposite, for example, “She cuddled her newborn as she wept. The joy of the moment erased the painful years of anticipation. She wiped her tears with a smile and drew her daughter closer to smell her hair … that scent of fresh innocent flesh. Deeeeep breath and a … a … a sneeeeezzzzze! Then she broke down collecting the pieces of the shattered skull. She was allergic to motherhood.”  Or something like that.

Along with this second trick is utilizing symbols that hide beneath a universe of meaning and experience. For example, utilizing the Buraq with its package of Night-Flight, proximity to the Prophet, celebrating the Isra in Ragab etc. The Buraq is an unsung hero in Islamic mythology, and can be tapped into and utilized. Other symbols could be Uncle Sam, Juha/Hoja, lonely princesses etc. Lure in the reader with these familiar symbols then shock them with the opposite, or the unexpected. Imagine the goofy Juha going home, taking off his turban and acting serious at home, as if his goofiness is a daytime job or a form of social service. Imagine Juha as a depressed fellow.

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