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Meditations on Sleep

al-Rabwa will include a meditation on sleep. Last night while sleeping I dreamt that I was in a hurry, trying to finish several errands and then while driving fast along the Charles I lost control and realized I was going to crash. It was a “U’ oh.. this is happening” feeling. I felt the impact and the spinning of the car, things went dark but I managed to unveil a series of convictions that come out during duress, “O Lord”, the testimony of faith, and images of my two boys.  Then I blanked out. Still dreaming, I woke up later in a hospital, after a long comma, it appears. I didn’t die.

Back to awaken life. The same day I had reflected on our perception of time. From the position of awakenedness, sleep only lasts a few hours. From the said position, the whole ordeal … the accident and recovering may have only lasted a few minutes in my sleep, perhaps even less. However, I’m developing a position where the perception of the “other” time is misleading. The same way that in our sleep, the time we spend awake is negligible.. if it even ever comes to mind, the same applies to the time we spend asleep when perceived while awake. In other words… I really did spend the full time it takes to have an accident, and recover in a hospital … days it seemed. It really took that long, but in a different plane… a different reality. The same applies to the time I spend going to work, working, coming back home, being with family and then going to bed. It really takes that long, but in the plane of awakening … a different reality than that of sleep.

It seems that I exist in at least two different realities, wake and sleep. These two realities are mostly indpendent, but interface briefly through my recollections of my dreams when I am awake, and the presence of awake memories in my dreams. Each reality considers the other secondary, or inferior … a mere collage of symbols and brief recollections, when in truth, none is secondary to the other. The fact that I am writing this post in my wake reality does not mean it is superior to the sleep reality. Why, I just recovered from an accident my sleep reality … how could it be secondary?!

Ok, now let’s step back and see what this means.What is personal identity, when that personal identity is no longer one entity but at least two? Could I plug this into the detached entity? Is the detached entity the one that dips into both wake reality and sleep reality?

I recall this from The Outsider:

Man has no Body distinct from his Soul; for that called Body is a portion of Soul discerned by the five Senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age. William Blake

Let’s call the detached entity the Soul just to plug and play with Blake. There are portions of the Soul discerned by the five Senses within wake reality … and there are portions discerned by other means during sleep reality. Then there are “events” in both realities … I’m not sure whether these events are projected or products of another separate entity.


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