Live from Cairoston

There are two behaviors that I want to reflect on, think about deeply before incorporating into a future story. Incidentally, both have to do with consumption. The first is the lottery ticket buyer at the convenience store. There’s something there … the way he looks around (or doesn’t at all), the way he handles the money, reaches forward to get the tickets from the person behind the counter, wishes another person luck as they both scratch, leaves silently or with an exaggerated smile, the small talk  … the over-confidence during the entire endeavor that seems to mask a prior lack-of confidence or hesitance. I dunno  .. I just feel that it’s such rich material and that there is something lying deep … some type of underlying commonality behind such customers that distinguishes them apart from all others. Perhaps I feel this way because I could relate to them. When I was in my early teens, I used to buy a certain type of candy bar to collect the stickers that come with it and complete an album. I still remember what it felt like to be hooked on it, the feelings that come with opening the wrapper and realizing that its not the sticker you were hoping for … I remember how it felt to feel that the person behind the counter was thinking of me as an addict … that I was hooked. I remember how it was like to steel money so I could buy more candy bars than I could eat, only to through them away after retrieving the stickers … or worse, stuff them down my throat until I would almost puke at the mere thought of more.

The second behavior is that of a customer buying an expensive item, usually it happens with electronics. There’s this moment when the sales rep is explaining the item to the customer when the later all of a sudden becomes a slight more extroverted that usual. Its almost as if there is an acknowledgment of the following. I know you want to sell this to me and so you are treating me as important. I understand and accept. I also know that I will spend more money than I want to buy this. I accept that. But for some reason, even though you don’t have to make it any more appealing for me to buy, I like being treated like this, and it makes me feel confident (even though its a ripoff) and appreciated. There’s something there… worth delving and spelling out in a story or something.

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