Live from Cairoston

The peak still to come

The Egyptian Revolution is still to reach its peak. If anything, #Jan25 was the First Act to what must come, if this show is to escape the label of comedy, tragedy, or worse even tragic comedy. The earthquake to come is the one that will shake and quake the military establishment. The volcano to erupt is one that will extinguish the Ministry of Interior [Intimidation]. Ultimately, the power of, and more importantly, the need for these two institutions must decline; a feat that cannot be accomplished without realizing that if Tahrir is an epicenter, then each and every country in the Middle East needth an epicenter just as strong, including Israel. The peak can only be reached when the term occupation is solely used to describe that which occurs on the streets of the US. Furthermore, the mutant form of religiosity that emerged from under the toxic pressure of past decades must be rehabilitated, along with military and police. We, as Egyptians will live for decades with disabled members in our family and tumors within our own selves. It will take a generation or two to cleanse ourselves. Don’t hold your breath.

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