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My previous post was a grim connection of dots drawing SCAF as a permanent lord of the house and Egyptian democracy brewing withing the bubble created for it by the military. This status would be secured by keeping MB et al. in a perpetual showdown with liberal parties et al. (everyone who is not Islamic enough to be in the first crowd). A way out of this impasse would be for a different kind of politician to emerge, and interestingly enough, Muhammad Hamid fits that bill. If not him, then someone like him.

Muhammad Hamid is the prototype of the paradoxical Egyptian politician (Amr Khaled strikes me now as a intermediate species leading to, but not embodying this prototype). Defies easy categorization, and is thus a suspect to all and a confident of none. Nevertheless, his immense ambition, entrepreneurial spirit and fluency in the religious and liberal vernacular makes him the tie-breaker and the pole to which both sides will draw in order to defeat one another. Through such politicians, the Parliament, through a patient, painstakingly long and arduous tour-de-force will nibble at the military and police establishment so that after decades it will eventually be domesticated.

With the triumph of Muhammad Hamid’s prototype, a new definition of Islamic practice is given its final articulation. It has been envisioned already and the Turkish Erdogan has been the nearest analogy to think of. Nevertheless the Egyptian spin will be different. The Religious Scholar/Activist turned Liberal Politician, who while improvising a way to reconcile his inherent paradoxes (in the eyes of the mortal Islamists and Liberals) defines the new cool. With the discource shifted, unless the military also evolves, it shall be checked.

But what do I know …

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