Live from Cairoston

Tonight’s experiment

Tonight’s is one of the most exciting experiments I’ve ever done. Moments like this make scientific research worth while. You spend, literally, years waving your hands in the dark bumping into things that prove irrelevant, then one night you get a hold of something, and you say ‘aha!’ and you get a real tight grip on it saying ‘you’re not going any where!’ Then you sit down and start a conversation. You’ve finally found a relevant player and you want to know what she has to say. That’s what makes these experiments so exciting; any outcome is interesting, because you’ve got a hold on a relevant player, and you’re not letting her go! My flirtations with Nature are finally bearing fruit.

Comments on: "Tonight’s experiment" (2)

  1. let’s replace the word “scientific research” with the word “life” 🙂 I mean, there is indeed a larger story of humanity behind your little personal experience…

  2. Aхмат Mахмудович Илива said:

    I like that! 🙂

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