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Eid – Haiku

Hypnotizing hymn.
New clothes, pure hearts and laughter.
The Morning of Eid.

Fatima’s Blue Eyes – Haiku

High 5 mashallah,
Bicultural synthesis,
Fatima’s blue eyes.

Acknowledgments – Haiku

Constantly Off-key,
Yet always the sweetest note,
Acknowledgment Slide

Me… ouch – Haiku

Little kitten purrs
Grows to become a lady
Big cats scratch and bite.

Ever-lasting Whole – Haiku

Consciousness exists,
On a base of estrangement.
Alone by default.

Peeking through my eyes,
At something out of nothing.

A Burst of Senses,
Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin and heart.
Where … What is all this?!

Where did the Whole go?
Where is the Ever-Embrace,
Of The All-Divine?

And so we journey,
For years equal to nothing,
Searching for the Whole.

Mountains and Valleys,
Bosoms, Battlefields and Books,
Unquenchable thirst.

Wander Fellow Man,
Wander endlessly till death.
Then you will arrive.

Withdrawing from flesh,
Returning once again Home,
Ever-lasting Whole.

Fresh air awaits you – Haiku

My fatigue belies,
My knowledge that there must be
Air above water.

My restlessness doubts,
The fact that this dark tunnel
Has light at the end.

Keep your legs moving!
Kick the water … move forward!
Fresh air awaits you!

Absolute Status – Haiku

I change my status,
So often it has become:
“Changing my status”

Tsunami – Haiku

Destroying cities,
Breathing people in and out.

e/u ntitled – Haiku

Like many great men,
As he navigated life,
He made up the rules.

Tongue twister – Haiku

Changing your name … won’t!
Change the rules of the game … so!
Stop living in Shame.