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Mishmish & Fairouz – Haiku

Slender elegance,
Delusional quirkiness.
Her name was Mishmish

Princess and Lady,
Loyal friend, mate and mother
Her name was Fairouz

A-rab in the Lab – Haiku

Due to the stigma,
I do not wear my timer
For I am Arab.

Cultural etiquette – Haiku

Listen, eager boy:
Cultures are like greenhouses;
Warm places to grow.

All glass no windows,
Throw a stone at another,
And you’ll break your own.

Can’t keep it in – Haiku

“I can’t keep it in”
“O’ I gotta let it out!”
Thus spoke Cat Stevens.

Scientist’s Struggle – Haiku

Scientist’s struggle:
Expressing yourself despite,
Nature’s* Censorship.


Nature: What we perceive with our five senses.

Thesis – Haiku

I flirt with Nature,
Hoping that it will reveal,
A hidden thesis.

Lab joy – Haiku

Despite my gray hair,
I giggle like a child,
When loading a gel.

Fabric – Haiku

Once white socks, now brown.
The odor of rotten flesh.
OK, one more round.

Smell of rotten flesh.
Humanity underground.
No whispher, no sound.

I hear a whispher,
It says, Love one another.
Through sweat, blood, and tears.

Sweat, blood and tear drops.
Pale, red, some sweet, others salt.
Same fluids throughout.

Same fluids will flow,
From a Moor, saint, child or whore.
Fulfill, do not spill.

Don’t spill my coffee!
Or if you do, that’s OK.
White shirt, with brown stain.

Shirt, socks, white, now brown.
Wash and wear, to stain again.
Fabric, still the same.

Labmeeting – Haiku

Projectors and screens,
Displaying our egos.
Weekly lab meetings

Philosufi – Haiku

Loving Sophia,
Pure heart wrapped in woolen rags,
The Philosufi.